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The Story

"In the mid 80's the view from my father's office window was to the backyard of our hotel and restaurant, the focal point being a smelly garbage bin that was open to the elements and attracted critters. Frustrated, my parents pondered what could be done, and from my mother's idea of an underground storage container, my father developed what is today known as the MOLOK® Deep Collection™ system. Now, almost 30 years later, MOLOK® has spread to over 40 countries around the world, being the trailblazer for a new way of thinking about managing waste."

- Marja Hillis, CEO of Molok North America Ltd.

Marja Hillis, President & CEO of Molok North America Ltd.

Molok® Philosophy

MOLOK® Deep Collection™ is an Environmentally Friendly New Generation Waste Solution.

1) Deep Collection™

The idea behind managing waste is to keep our surroundings clean. However, this does not always happen with conventional waste collection methods. Molok® offers a way to do this in a deep manner as in ‘thoroughly’. Within our company, we also have a deep focus on doing the best we can in all areas of our business. Furthermore, Molok® containers are deep as they are installed partly underground. This is the double meaning behind our trademark Deep Collection™.

2) Environmentally Friendly

This expression has become quite overused around the world, however, it does describe what Molok® is. Not only does our product offer multiple ways to protect our environment, but we as a company always strive to find better ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

3) New Generation Waste Solution

Molok® is a customer driven solution as it is one of the very few innovations within the waste industry that first and foremost focuses on the end user instead of the service provider. As people learn more about the importance of the environment in our modern climate, Molok® becomes the preferred solution for this new generation that is changing our world into a better place for all. Within our company we constantly look for new ways of doing things better while keeping it simple.

Molok North America Ltd.

From the mid to late 1990’s the North American Molok® sales were directed from Finland. After Marja Hillis, Molok® founder Veikko Salli’s daughter and co-owner of Molok Ltd., came to Canada in 1997, she started Molok North America Ltd. in the spring of 1999.

The first few years were a struggle as local waste haulers were not interested in emptying these new generation waste and recycling containers. Molok® was generally seen as a threat to the existing waste industry, a view that was based on a misunderstanding as Molok® was simply introducing a new way of doing things. Because of this lack of support, all sales efforts were focused on municipal, provincial and national parks market, where the park staff was able to empty Molok® containers by using their own equipment.

In 2003 Mrs. Hillis’ husband set up Deep Clean Waste Services Inc. with the sole purpose of providing emptying services to commercial Molok® customers, in order for Molok North America Ltd. to be able to offer its products to a broader clientele.

Since the acquisition of the above-mentioned emptying business by Waste Management Inc. in 2009, Molok® has been accepted by other waste haulers as well and our containers are now being used by restaurants, multi-residential properties, churches, universities, schools, retirement homes etc. The list goes on across Canada as we are getting ready to launch Molok® in other North American markets as well.

2012 saw the Grand Opening of our new 39,000 sq.ft. facility in Mount Forest, Ontario. Not only are we equipped to assemble our products with great efficiency and care, we also run an innovative R&D department where we strive to find solutions to our different customer needs, and ways to maintain the high quality of Molok® products in the ever increasing and competitive marketplace.

From the humble beginnings in the late 1990’s Molok North America Ltd. is now gearing up to face the exciting challenges of the 21st century with a proud staff that is equally professional, committed and willing to serve the expanding market of the world of Molok®.



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