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Molok® containers can be used to collect organic waste at restaurants, multi-residential units or anywhere else organics collection is needed.

  • Using the hard-sided lifting container, the M-1300 can be converted to collect organic waste.
  • It is a hygienic and efficient method that uses a large compostable paper liner to keep the unit clean.
  • A liquid reservoir at the bottom of the lifting container separates fluids and is emptied at the same time.

Users of Molok® for organics will find it much more convenient because they no longer will have to store a cart or bin: organic waste can be taken to the Molok® container 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Collection staff will also appreciate the quick and easy emptying method of the Molok® system, which is much safer and cleaner than other systems.

Capacity: 750 litres, plus 50 litres in liquid reservoir

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