Part of the MolokClassic™ line, the M-1300™ is perfect for a variety of municipal and commercial settings. Within parks, playgrounds, and busy sports areas, the use of Molok® containers can result in huge operational savings. Additionally, the reduced odours and increased hygiene allows containers to be placed where most convenient for users.

Molok® is also a sanitary choice for hospitals where the emptying method keeps the surroundings clean.

On beaches and campgrounds, Molok® containers are animal resistant and secure, keeping waste in the container and off of the natural wildlife areas.

The main well is made of high density polyethylene and is completely leak proof.


  • Capacity: 1,300 litres/1.7 yd3
  • Diameter: 0.95m
  • Waste Streams: waste, recyclables, paper, organics