The Molok CityScape™ is a functional solution for small areas, designed to suit modern, urban environments.

The materials, dimensions and construction have been developed to meet the highest standards of urban planning, landscaping and other outdoor furnishing requirements. It is an ideal solution for urban waste collection.

The sleek, elliptical, semi-underground design occupies less space on site. It features a hinged lid with an opening on either side. The side openings can easily be used by pedestrians, while the lid can be fully opened for other users, such as residents, businesses or city staff. These units can be paired to collect waste and recyclables.

CityScape™ is perfect for: City Areas, Streets, Boulevards, Parks, Golf Courses


  • Capacity: 500 litres / 0.7 yd3
  • Waste Streams: mixed waste, mixed recyclables
  • Openings on both sides