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Multi-Residential Complexes


Meet the Needs of Residents and Facility Managers

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High Capacity

Say goodbye to overflowing dumpsters and rows of carts, say hello to less frequent collections.

Easy to Use

Clean and convenient, so residents dispose of waste correctly.

Cost Effective

Cut capital costs and operating expenses — even the hidden ones!

Many types of residential properties exist, including:

  • apartment buildings and condominium complexes in a range of sizes (e.g., high-rise, mid-rise, low-rise/multiplex)
  • retirement homes and villages, and long-term care facilities
  • post-secondary residences, dormitories, and off-campus housing complexes

Unfortunately, conventional approaches to waste management often confuse users, make them feel unsafe, or simply gross them out, and frequently make things harder for facility managers by contributing to mess, attracting pests, and causing conflict with residents.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to manage waste.

Make it Molok®

The Molok® Deep CollectionTM system is a line of semi-underground waste containers proven to meet the needs of multi-residential facilities.

Using Molok containers instead of conventional approaches contributes to:

Cleaner and safer residences, by eliminating overflows and odors, and replacing dumpsters, carts, and fenced enclosures with low-profile (but high capacity) containers
Lower capital and operating costs, because many of the expenses associated with conventional approaches — including frequent collections, maintenance, repairs, and pest control — are reduced or eliminated
More attractive facilities that don’t suffer from eyesores and ‘nosesores’ and that have far more space for parking, landscaping, and outdoor amenities

Learn more about the Molok® Deep Collection™ system


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Find answers to all your questions and get all the information you need in one place, in our comprehensive brochure.


No matter the size or type of residential facility — there’s a Molok® for that

Our lineup includes general-purpose waste containers and stream-specific configurations, and provides capacity options from 500 to 5,000 litres (0.65 to 6.5 cubic yards), making the Molok® Deep CollectionTM system suitable for practically any type of residential facility.

Breaking ground?

The best time to introduce the Molok® Deep CollectionTM system is in your building’s initial design, because the containers pay for themselves immediately in space savings alone.


Learn more about incorporating the Molok® Deep Collection™ system into your designs

Looking to retrofit an existing area?

It’s never too late to start saving money by introducing the Molok® Deep CollectionTM system — and it typically takes only 2-3 days to install a new waste station.


Learn more about retrofitting an existing facility with the Molok® Deep Collection™ system

We're here to help!

You probably aren't used to having such control over selecting and configuring your waste containers - but don't worry, our experts are here to guide you through the process to help make sure you get exactly what you need, exactly how you want.