From “Eww” to “Wow!”



Replace eyesores and ‘nosesores’ with attractive, clean, and safe waste containers that combine form and function like nothing else

Molok® Deep Collection™ containers look better, stay cleaner, and provide much greater installation flexibility than alternatives like dumpsters, carts, and bins.

Collectively, these factors mean that — at worst — Molok® containers won’t detract from the places where they’re installed; more likely, these factors mean that Molok® containers actually enhance the look, feel, and overall appeal of the businesses, residences, parks, downtown cores, and other locations where they’re used.


In addition to improving the appearance of facilities, landscapes, and urban cores, Molok® containers also:

  • Lower the costs associated with waste management
  • Enable better use of real estate and outdoor spaces
  • Help to increase diversion rates and avoid contamination penalties

Waste management has never looked so good

In stark contrast to the bulky (and often downright ugly) appearance of traditional waste management solutions, Molok® containers have a low-profile design that’s both attractive and accessible.

Plus, Molok® containers offer a wide range of customization options, including vinyl wraps that can turn waste stations into works of art (see the photo, below).

Maybe you’ve never thought about customizing the look of your waste containers — but maybe that’s only because you’ve never before had the option of doing so.

Waste management has never been so clean

Traditional waste containers quickly become dirty themselves and can also negatively impact their surroundings creating messes (e.g., by overflowing or getting knocked over) and releasing gross (and sometimes harmful) odors that assault noses and attract pests.

But Molok® containers are different, because they include a number of features that keep the containers and their surrounding environment clean (see photo, below), and that naturally suppress and effectively contain odors.

That’s right! Waste stations don’t have to be eyesores or ‘nosesores’ — we’ve just been fooled by traditional approaches into thinking there’s no other way.

Waste management has never been as safe

At first glance, it might seem strange to link aesthetics with safety, but the truth is that our instincts have programmed us to know — at a glance — when an environment is potentially risky.

A tall, square-edge dumpster surrounded by an even taller waste enclosure? That provides corners, shadows, and space for a potential threat to hide.

But Molok® containers conform to the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design  and offer no such refuge for miscreants (see photo, below) — just one of the many factors that make the Molok® Deep Collection™ system safer (for everyone) than alternatives.

Why does appearance matter?

There are a few reasons why the appearance of a waste station matters in a meaningful way.

For one thing, the people using the containers — at their residence, at a business, in a park, in a downtown core — are going to be much happier doing so when the containers are neat, tidy, clean, and safe. This happiness means fewer complaints to property managers, increased revenue for businesses, higher patronage for public spaces, cleaner downtown cores, and so on.

Appearance matters to other stakeholders, too. For example, architects and property developers already understand the value of appearance: better-looking designs win more contracts, and better-looking (and more functional) properties command higher real estate values and rents.

Similarly, for cities and municipalities — who themselves often manage public spaces (e.g., parks, squares, path networks, etc.) — those higher property values mean higher tax revenues.

So whether you’re breaking ground on a new project or are looking to retrofit an existing facility (see photo, below), just imagine how much better your waste stations will look if you use Molok® containers.


To really get the imagination going, please take a minute to visit our Project Gallery to see a variety of real-world Molok® waste stations.