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Frames & Signage

Waste Management Has Never Looked So Good!
Thanks to a wide variety of framing options — including a range of colours and materials, plus
support for customizable wraps — waste management has never looked so good!
Molok® EON® framing in mahogany
Molok® EON® framing in grey
Molok® EON® framing in cedar
Molok® EON® framing in black
Molok® EON® framing in green
Molok® EON® framing in blue
But looks aren’t everything, so to ensure a long functional lifetime without compromising on
aesthetic appeal, the framing is secured at the top and bottom by decorative stainless steel bands.

A closeup of standard Molok® container signage - this is for 'textiles'.


All containers have designator signage available in English, French, or Spanish to indicate use (e.g., Waste, Recyclables, Cardboard, Organics, Grease, Clothing).
Custom signage is also available.

Find the framing that meets your needs

A custom wrap on a Molok® container with 'Customize your message' on it.


Vinyl wraps provide limitless possibilities for artistic expression, corporate branding, or blending into surroundings.
Choose from a collection of standard colors and designs, or personalize your containers with custom graphics.
Swapping wraps is straightforward, thanks to the easy-mount design and ‘open canvas’ graphic capabilities of the aluminum substrate.

A Molok® container with an aluminum composite sheet for framing.


This sleek, modern framing option uses a graffiti-resistant aluminum composite sheet available in an array of standard colors (custom colors are available upon request)

A Molok® container showing an assortment of available EON® colors for framing.


Our durable and UV-protected EON Plastic Framing options provide the look, feel, and aesthetic appeal of natural wood, without the ongoing maintenance.
Available in six attractive colors: cedar, mahogany, black, grey, blue and green.

Two Molok® containers showing tongue-and-grove aluminum for framing.


For the metalheads, this framing option uses sturdy tongue-and-groove aluminum elements to create a sleek appearance available in two attractive finishes: black and natural aluminum.

Upgrade an Existing Installation

Already have a container and want to change the look?
No problem - existing installations can be retrofitted on-site!