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Semi-Underground Waste Containment Solutions
The main well of the M-5000, M-3000, M-1300, and M-Organics models* is topped with a lid designed to be safe and secure, yet easy to use. Three main lid types are available, to meet the specific needs of each installation.

*The M-CityScape lid is integrated into the unit’s main body

A recent installation of Molok® containers at a Pioneer gas station

Keeping a lid on waste

The quality and durability of the 2G lid can be felt with every use. The new, solid design of the user lid adds another element of convenience and security.
These integrated solutions and the minimized number of components create a stable and durable user lid in all weather conditions.
A large, ergonomic handle offers an excellent grip with or without gloves. This next generation of attractive functionality blended with dependable security is the newest addition to the Molok® Deep Collection™ experience.

Find the lid that meets your needs

M5000 Molok® container lid with blue, green and brown color user lid options, along with black user lid


Suitable for all waste streams, our standard lid is constructed of durable plastic and aluminum, and can be secured with an electronic lock or fitted for a customer-supplied padlock.

The sturdy, lightweight user lid (available in green, brown, blue, and black) remains firmly closed when not in use, but easy to open.

The opening under the user lid can be a full opening (standard), or a variation of any custom size smaller than the opening.

In all three lid sizes, the complete lid can be fully hinged, to allow access for larger items.

Note: The M-Grease uses a hinged lid only.

Sample of an M-3000 bear resistant lid


Suitable for all waste streams, this powder-coated steel lid is certified by the British Columbia Conservation Foundation and uses a finger-latched lid that closes by gravity.

Note: the user door in the M-5000 version is available in personal and commercial sizes.

M5000 textile lid for collecting textiles safely


This special-purpose lid makes it easy for users to donate clothes and includes a hinged intermediate compartment that prevents entry and theft.



Increase diversion and adherence to recycling standards with this cardboard lid, available for the M-5000 lid.

Upgrade an Existing Installation

Already have a container and want to
upgrade the lid? No problem — existing
installations can be retrofitted on site!