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Container Models

Container Models

Container Models

Container Models

Semi-Underground Waste Containment Solutions

Every model in the Deep CollectionTM lineup stores waste in a cylindrical shaft, the larger proportion of which is hidden underground, with only a customizable low-profile frame topped by a secure, easily accessible, self-closing lid visible above ground. This approach, pioneered by Molok in 1991 and proven in more than 60 countries in the decades since, naturally compacts waste and keeps it cool — controlling odors and substantially reducing collection frequency while eliminating the need for dedicated waste pads and expensive protective enclosures.

CP7 - UrbanLoft

Save Space and Enjoy Unmatched Installation Flexibility

Because Molok containers are emptied by crane, by hand, or by pump, there’s no need for long access laneways — a major reason why a Molok Deep CollectionTM station requires less than 10% of the surface area needed by forklifted dumpsters.
Plus, it means that you can ‘plant’ Molok containers practically anywhere you need them — in high-traffic areas, integrated into landscaping, behind obstacles, where space is tight, etc. — for flexibility, convenience, and service that alternatives just can’t match.

Find the model that meets your needs


An M-5000 Molok® container with cedar framing.



About M-5000

Capacity: 5,000 litres (6.5 yd³)

Our highest-capacity model, the M-5000™ is an attractive, space-saving, and cost-effective solution primarily intended for larger-scale commercial, municipal, and mixed-residential facilities.

Emptied via crane
Requires a lifting liner

Waste Streams for M-5000
  • Waste
  • Recyclables
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Clothing: when using the Clothes Collection Lid


An M-3000 Molok® container, with cedar framing.



About M-3000

Capacity: 3,000 litres (4.0 yd³)

The M-3000™ is a visually appealing and cost-effective way to free up real estate in commercial, municipal, and mixed residential facilities while increasing cleanliness, safety, and convenience.

Emptied via crane
Requires a lifting liner

Waste Streams for M-3000
  • Waste
  • Recyclables
  • Paper
  • Organics: when configured as M-Organics.


An M-1300 Molok® container with cedar framing.



About M-1300

Capacity: 1,300 litres (1.7 yd³)

The M-1300™ is well-suited to parks, playgrounds, and athletic fields, where its low-profile design, attractive appearance, and effective odor control allow waste stations to be installed alongside amenities.

Emptied via crane
Requires a lifting liner

Waste Streams for M-1300
  • Waste
  • Recyclables
  • Paper
  • Organics: when configured as M-Organics.


A M-1300 Container, with a hard-sided lifting system inside, for organics collection. In a cedar frame.



About M-Organics

M-1300: 800 litres (1.0 yd³)* 
M-3000: 1,800 litres (2.4 yd³)*

*includes the 50-litre liquid reservoir.


The M-Organics equips the M-1300 or M-3000 with a hard-sided lifting container and liquid collection reservoir to conveniently and hygienically meet the organics collection needs of restaurants, multi-residential units, and other facilities.

Emptied via crane
M-3000 configuration is intended only for lighter organics (eg., leaves, compostable paper waste)

Waste Streams for M-Organics
  • Organics



An M-Cityscape Molok® container model, with black and aluminum exterior.


About M-Cityscape

Capacity: 500 litres (0.65 yd³)

With a sleek, elliptical appearance that complements classic architecture, blends in with modern designs, and integrates into outdoor spaces, the Molok CityScape™ is an attractive and functional way to keep downtown cores, city streets, pedestrian promenades, paths, parks — even golf courses — neat and tidy.

Emptied by hand
An above ground-only model (CityScape™ Surface) is also available for locations where excavation isn’t possible

Waste Streams for M-Cityscape
  • Mixed waste
  • Mixed recyclables


An M-1300 Molok® container outfitted with grease component inside for cleaner and convenience grease collection.


About M-Grease

Capacity: 800 litres (1.0 yd³)

The M-Grease™ is a specially designed M-1300™ container that combines aesthetics, commercial capacity, and a highly efficient grease liquefying system to provide restaurants with an attractive and safe way to contain used, strained cooking oil.

Emptied via pump
Requires a 120 volt AC electrical supply

Waste Streams for M-Grease
  • Cooking oil only

Fish Station




About Fish Station

3,000 litres (4.0 yd3)


Combining replaceable HDPE cutting surfaces, a heavy-gauge stainless steel lid that includes four lockable waste insertion points, and a 4” diameter sucker pipe for clean and easy waste removal, the Molok® Fish Station™ is an attractive, odor-free — and certified bear-resistant — solution for parks, beaches, and other leisure areas.

Emptied via pump

Waste Streams for Fish Station
  • Fish waste only



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