The Molok® Difference

Molok® Deep Collection™ containers offer unrivalled advantages compared to other collection methods.


Only 40% of the container is visible, while the remaining 60% is underground. With the vertical, semi-underground design and resulting compaction, up to 5 times greater capacity per area can be achieved compared to surface containers.

Containers Stay Clean

Since waste is emptied through the bottom of the reusable lifting liner instead of being tipped, the container, its user lid and surroundings stay clean.

Lower Temperatures Reduce Odours

Temperatures are naturally lower underground, and these lower temperatures slow the development of bacteria, significantly reducing decomposition and as a result, odours. Since odours are not an issue with Molok® containers, they only require collection when full.

Made to Last Decades

Molok® containers are made with high quality, durable and recyclable materials.  The semi-underground design keeps containers secure and in place for years to come.

Emptying is Easy and Safe

The emptying method for Molok® containers is easy and safe for collection staff. There is no need to handle heavy loads or come into contact with waste materials.


Molok® containers fit into any setting with customizable framing and the flexibility to surround them with landscaping, pavement or whatever suits your taste.


Molok® containers are emptied through the bottom of the reusable lifting liner, using a hydraulic arm.
  1. The lifting chain is attached to the metal ring on top of the lid.
  2. The liner is lifted and positioned over the collection vehicle.
  3. The trigger mechanism is released to open the bottom of the liner and waste falls neatly into the truck.
  4. When the liner is empty, the bottom is closed and put back into the container.

This emptying method offers some key benefits not available from conventional containers.

  • Molok® containers can be located behind shrubs, a curb, sidewalk or fence.
  • Molok® containers can be in tight spaces, because the collection vehicle
    does not have to approach it from any specific direction (see space requirements).
  • The Molok® container, its user lid and surroundings stay clean, as there is no
    dripping, spilling or waste.


The Molok® Deep Collection™ system is more sustainable than traditional waste collection methods

Lower Emissions

Molok® containers have a large capacity and only need to be emptied when full. This results in a reduced service frequency, meaning less truck traffic and lower emissions.

Less Litter

The self-closing lid keeps waste in and wildlife out. Also, the semi-underground design ensures Molok® containers cannot be tipped over by wind or vandals. The result is secure waste collection, so there is less litter in our surroundings.

Leak-Proof Well

The rotation molded well is completely leak proof, protecting the surrounding soil from contamination. Molok® containers are safe to use in sensitive watersheds.

Recycled and Recyclable

Molok® containers are made with recycled and recyclable materials.


Molok® containers are made with high quality plastic and stainless steel or aluminum. They are designed to last decades, remarkably longer than traditional surface bins.

More Diversion

Molok® containers can help users sort their waste and increase diversion rates.  They can be used to capture recyclables, cardboard and even organics.

Canada Green Building Council
Molok North America Ltd. is a member of the Canada Green Building Council and its products can contribute to LEED certification.


Molok® prides itself on its safety features
  • The above-ground height exceeds the safe railing height of 900 mm.
  • This ‘railing’ remains in place at all times, even during the emptying process.
  • No open pit is ever exposed to the public.
  • Greater capacity and longer intervals between emptying decreases truck traffic and risk of accidents.
  • Emptying is safe and ergonomic, decreasing health risks for collection staff.
  • The polyethylene container is water-tight and leak proof, making it safe to use in areas with a high water table or that are flood prone.
  • Molok® containers have been tested for fire and explosions, with positive results.