Marja HillisMarja Hillis

“In the mid 80’s the view from my father’s office window was to the backyard of our hotel and restaurant, the focal point being a smelly garbage bin that was open to the elements and attracted critters. Frustrated, my parents pondered what could be done, and from my mother’s idea of an underground storage container, my father developed what is today known as the MOLOK® Deep Collection™ system. Now, almost 30 years later, MOLOK® has spread to over 40 countries around the world, being the trailblazer for a new way of thinking about managing waste.”

Marja Hillis, Founder of Molok North America Ltd

Advancement in technology is changing our world. With the evolution of how we function everyday with technology, it makes sense to think about how we handle disposing our waste. Original Molok® Deep Collection™ system is an economical innovation of keeping waste areas clean, attractive and odour free. Deep Collection™ was invented by Veikko Salli in Finland in 1991.

Trailblazing the Canadian market since 1999, founder Marja Hillis, Mr. Salli’s daughter, committed to sharing this innovation with everyone, and started with the municipal, provincial and national parks market.  With the challenges of acceptance of the crane-lifted system by most major waste haulers at the time, Marja chose to focus on the parks sector first, since emptying the containers would be completed directly by park staff.

In 2003, to broaden exposure of our product to more clientele, Marja’s husband Mark began Deep Clean Waste Services Inc. to offer a collection service.  The service was acquired by Waste Management Inc. in 2009, and since then has been accepted by other waste haulers. Now, over 10,000 Molok® containers have been installed in Canada and we are further advancing our products into more North American markets.

2012 saw the Grand Opening of our new 39,000 sq. ft. facility in Mount Forest, Ontario, where we are equipped to carefully and quickly assemble our products. Our leading-edge R&D department operates on-site, creating solutions for the developing needs of our customers; while maintaining the high quality of Molok® products in a growing and competitive marketplace.  In 2017 we started construction of our new offices, as an expansion of our facility, and settled into our new workspaces in July 2018.

From its humble beginnings in the late 1990’s, Molok North America Ltd. is now eager to face the exciting challenges of the future with a proud staff that is equally professional and committed to ‘Change the World’ with Molok®.


Molok North America Ltd. is a company built on doing what is best for the end customer. Our innovative waste collection solution challenges the status quo to give customers an option that is based on prioritizing their needs, not blindly following the habits of conventional waste collection. This combination of innovation and customer focus is reflected in everything we do – from sales and business development to ongoing service to research and development. A small but fast growing company with national reach, we pride ourselves on our small town values and friendly “family” approach to business – both internally and externally.

Marja Hillis

Marja Hillis





Mark Hillis

Mark Hillis

President & CEO

Office: 519-323-9909 ext:120
Cell: 519-261-0114


Tim Corcoran

Vice President, Business Development

Office: 519-323-9909 ext: 130
Cell: 416-627-7683

Andrew Holliday

Andrew Holliday

Vice President of Finance & Administration

Office: 519-323-9909 ext: 107

Business Development


Kevin Rahmani

Business Development Manager, Western canada

Cell:  780-966-1430

Duane Widdis

Duane Widdis

Business Development Manager, Ontario

Cell: 416-276-4034

Sales team

Holly Washuta

Holly Washuta

Niagara Region Sales Representative


Mandy McDonald

Mandy McDonald

Halton-Peel Sales Representative


Flora Burke

Flora Burke

Lead Sales Coordinator

Office: 519-323-9909 ext: 101

Vanessa Graber

Vanessa Graber

Sales Coordinator

Office: 519-323-9909 ext: 102



Tanya Matthews

Tanya Matthews

Marketing Coordinator

Office: 519-323-9909 ext: 103

Kieran White

Kieran White

Executive & Marketing Assistant

Office: 519-323-9909 ext: 124

Glen Laycock

Glen Laycock

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Office: 519-323-9909 ext: 105


Tyler Kirkpatrick

Tyler Kirkpatrick

Production Manager

Office: 519-323-9909 ext: 110

Gary McLean

Gary McLean

Vice President, Operations

Office: 519-323-9909 ext: 112


Sean Shering

Operations & Fleet Manager

Cell: 519-261-1401


Rob Harper

Inventory Clerk

Office: 519-323-9909 ext: 111

Cell: 519-321-9277