A Better Way to Manage Waste

A cleaner, safe, more convenient – and more cost-effective – alternative to dumpsters, wheeled carts, and surface bins.

The Molok® Deep CollectionTM System

The Molokai Deep CollectionTM system is a line of semi-underground waste containers that saves money, saves space, beautifies outdoor spaces, and increases diversion rates.

Average reduction in waste volume due to natural compaction

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Number of 90-gallon carts replaced by a single Molok® M-5000

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Typical operational savings after switching
to Molok®

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Potential reduction in area for storage and service vs dumpsters

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Major Benefits

Save Money

Save on operating costs and capital expenses associated with managing waste, with the savings accruing year after year.

Save Space

Say goodbye to concrete pads, fenced enclosures, and long access laneways and say hello to parking, pations, and a world of possibilities.

Beautify Facilities

Replace eyesores and ‘nosesores’ with clean, safe, and visually appealing waste stations that enhance landscapes and that people will happily use.

Increase Diversion

Extend the life of landfills, reduce processing costs ( and penalties ), and reach sustainability goals by making it easy for users to sort at the source.

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There's a Molok for that

Our lineup includes general-purpose waste containers and stream-specific configurations, and provides capacity options from 500 to 5,000 litres (0.65 to 6.5 cubic yards) – so no matter your facility/environment, waste volume and profile, and stream separation requirements, the Molok® Deep CollectionTM system has you covered.

It's Never Too Eearly - or Too Late - to Make it a Molok® Breaking ground?


Looking for
a change?

The best time to introduce the Molok® Deep CollectionTM system is during design, because doing so opens up a world of possibilities.

Looking for
a change?

It’s never too late to introduce the Molok® Deep CollectionTM system – and installation typically takes only 2-3 days.

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