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The Molok® Deep Collection™ system has a much smaller installation footprint — and much greater installation flexibility — than traditional […]

Extend the life of landfills, reduce processing costs (and contamination penalties), and achieve your sustainability goals In recent years, as […]

On top of their low-profile, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible shape, Molok® containers offer a wide range of customization options Maybe […]

How the Molok® Deep Collection™ system effectively controls odors — and why that matters There’s nothing quite like the pungent […]

Molok® containers have safety features that are unmatched in the world of waste managementMolok® containers have safety features that are […]

Why Molok® containers are cleaner than alternative approaches to waste management — and why that matters When you think about […]

How the vertical well of a Molok® container leads to much higher storage density than surface bins — and why […]

Say goodbye to concrete pads, fenced enclosures, and long access laneways — and say hello to more parking, patios, and […]

Lower the operating costs and other expenses associated with managing waste — with the savings adding up year after year […]

Before: After: Replace eyesores and ‘nosesores’ with attractive, clean, and safe waste containers that combine form and function like nothing […]

How seamless, leak-proof HDPE design and semi-underground installation keep Molok® containers functioning year after year — and why that matters […]

Molok® containers are accessible to people of all ages and abilities, and their low-profile appearance makes a great fit in […]

Have you ever thrown an apple core out of a car window or gone camping and left food scraps on […]