The Molok® Deep Collection™ system is the original, award-winning, semi-underground waste containment system. Molok® Deep Collection™ conteneurs semi-enfouis, chargement par grue.

It was created and developed by Veikko Salli in the 1980’s in Finland. Since that time, Molok® containers have spread across the globe and are now in over 40 countries worldwide. Molok North America Ltd. has been in operation since 1999 and is headquartered in Mount Forest, Ontario.

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Molok® containers fit into any setting with customizable framing and the flexibility to surround them with landscaping, pavement or whatever suits your taste.



Molok® containers are made with high quality, durable and recyclable materials. The semi-underground design keeps containers secure and in place for years to come.



Since waste is emptied through the bottom of the reusable lifting liner instead of being tipped, the container, its user lid and surroundings stay clean.

Easy Empty

Easy Empty

The emptying method for Molok® containers is easy and safe for collection staff. There is no need to handle heavy loads or come into contact with waste materials.

Reduced Odours

Reduced Odours

Lower temperatures underground slow the development of bacteria, significantly reducing decomposition and odours. Since odours are not an issue with Molok® containers, they only require collection when full.



Only 40% of the container is visible, with the rest underground. With the vertical, semi-underground design and resulting compaction, up to 5x greater capacity per area can be achieved compared to surface containers.


Fish Station

Part of the MolokClassic™ line, the Molok® Fish Station is an attractive and odour-free solution for parks and leisure areas. These containers can be conveniently...


Part of the MolokClassic™ line, the M-5000™ is an attractive and safe solution for municipal and commercial areas including schools and hotels. Collection depots are...


Part of the MolokClassic™ line, the M-3000™ is the perfect solution for freeing up parking spaces in commercial and municipal lots. Molok® containers offer reduced odours...


Part of the MolokClassic™ line, the M-1300™ is perfect for a variety of municipal and commercial settings. Within parks, playgrounds, and busy sports areas, the...


The M-Grease™ is a specially designed Molok® container for collecting strained, used cooking oil. It combines the aesthetics and cost savings of the Molok® Deep...


The Molok CityScape™ is a functional solution for small areas, designed to suit modern, urban environments. The materials, dimensions and construction have been developed to...


Molok® containers can be used to collect organic waste at restaurants, multi-residential units, or anywhere else organics collection is needed. Using the hard-sided lifting container, the...

Bear Resistant Lid

Fitting our M-5000, M-3000 and M-1300 models, there’s a Bear Lid size to suit every application, wherever bear populations might be a concern. Constructed of...

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