Let’s Keep it Clean!

To maintain the attractive appearance and to help to ensure the safe operation of your Molok® containers — as well as to extend their functional lifetime  — we recommend a thorough cleaning at least once a year.

We offer two cleaning service options:

Exterior Molok® Container Cleaning

Freshen the exterior surfaces (e.g., framing, lid) of your Molok® containers to keep them looking their best; includes inspection of exterior components

Full Molok® Container Cleaning

Complete cleaning and disinfection of both the interior and exterior of your containers — e.g., well, framing, lid, and lifting liner (when possible) — including removal of any solid waste from the well and vacuum pumping any residual liquid; includes inspection of interior and exterior components

Every cleaning includes an inspection of your Molok® containers. If we detect any worn components, we will advise if repairs are required at this time, or can be deferred.

Note: Molok North America offers cleaning services throughout Ontario, Canada