Waste is everyone's Business

A better way to manage waste

Waste management can be complicated subject, because so many stakeholders are involved and regulations differ from place to place.
But despite the pervasive everyday need to manage waste, since the debut of the Dempster Dumpster in 1935, for a long time very little changed in how waste is contained and collected. Dumpsters, wheeled carts, surface bins, and climate-controlled rooms were the default, and everyone just took on the costs – both clear and hidden – and inconvenience associated with these legacy solutions.

Fortunately, there's a better way to manage waste.

The Molok® Deep Collection™ System

The Molok® Deep Collection™ system is a line of semi-underground waste containers that saves money, saves space, beautifies outdoor spaces, and increases diversion rates.

Average reduction in waste volume due to natural compaction

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Number of 90-gallon carts replaced by a single Molok® M-5000

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Typical operational savings after switching
to Molok®

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Potential reduction in area for storage and service vs dumpsters

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