We offer a number of accessories to increase the convenience and security of our containers, and to provide valuable insights that can be used to optimize collections and waste management practices.

Lid Description

Fill, Temperature, and Door Cycles Sensor

To help optimize collection frequency and to provide insights into user habits, waste compaction, and other characteristics, this accessory — which is self-contained within the standard Molok® — lid measures and logs:

  • Fill Level: Uses an ultrasonic beam to measure the waste level within containers and can report immediately if a preset fill threshold is reached
  • Door Cycles: Creates a log of door opening and closing events
  • Temperature: Measures the average temperature within the container and can report immediately if a preset temperature threshold is reached (e.g., to alert about a fire)

The default data reporting interval is set at 30 minutes, but can be configured from as short as five minutes to as long as weeks and even months (e.g., suitable for remote, low-use  locations).

This accessory is self-contained within the standard Molok® lid and is powered by a sealed 12-volt DC gel battery that automatically charges via an integrated 10 W crystal silicon solar panel.

Available data: container fill level, time of door open/close events, container temperature, battery stored voltage

Electronic Lock

This electronic lock unlocks the user lid when presented with an authorized RFID card or PIN access code (entered on a computer or mobile app); supports up to 2,000 cards, and new cards can be added at any time.

Upgrade an Existing Installation

Already have a container and want to change the lifting bag? No problem — existing installations can be retrofitted on site!

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