Waste Management Has Never Looked So Good

On top of their low-profile, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible shape, Molok® containers offer a wide range of customization options

Maybe you’ve never thought about customizing the look of your waste containers — but maybe that’s only because you’ve never before had the option of doing so.

This post will quickly run through the customization options available on Molok® containers, but before we get there we’ll quickly look at why customization matters.

Why customize?

Here are a few common reasons why our customers choose to personalize the appearance of their Molok® containers:

  • To make the containers stand out: Our containers have a low-profile design on purpose, but maybe you want them to stand out so that people can see them from a good distance and will therefore know where to dispose of their waste.
  • To help the containers blend in: There are plenty of places that need waste stations, but that don’t need the waste station to be the center of attention. For example, we’ve had many customers integrate their Molok® units into landscaping.
  • To spread a message: Maybe you want to showcase your brand or the brand of a sponsor, or perhaps you want to use well-located containers as advertising boards (you could even seasonally rotate different messages).

Of course, there’s at least one other perfectly reasonable answer to the question posed above: “Because you can.”

Customization options

Let’s start by looking at the M-CityScape, an attractive and functional way to keep downtown cores, city streets, pedestrian promenades, paths, parks — even golf courses — neat and tidy.

The M-CityScape allows you to customize the signage and the side panels. The example below, from downtown Kitchener, Ontario, uses the default aluminum side panels but features customized designator signage.

Next, let’s look at the other containers within the Molok® Deep Collection™ system: the M-5000, M-3000, M-1300, M-Organics, and M-Grease. These models all share a common overall structure that combines a frame (with designator signage) and a lid.

Our standard lid has a black surface for the main lid (i.e., the one that spans the entire container), and offers four colours — green, brown, blue, and black — for the smaller user lid. In the picture below, the customer used blue lids to make the recycling containers stand out (it’s also common for customers to use green lids to designate organics).

All containers also have designator signage available in English, French, or Spanish to indicate use (e.g., Waste, Recyclables, Cardboard, Organics, Grease, Clothing). Plus, as in the example above, custom signage is also available (e.g., to support a specific waste stream, to incorporate branding, etc.).

Now, let’s shift our attention to framing, because that’s where the customization options really help your containers come to life.

The first framing type is a graffiti-resistant aluminum composite sheet. There’s an array of standard colors (e.g., A, B, C, D), but you can also customize your color by providing us with the pantone.

The second framing type uses vinyl wraps to provide limitless possibilities for artistic expression, corporate branding, or blending into surroundings. Again, you can choose from a collection of standard colors and designs, or you can personalize your containers with custom graphics. Swapping wraps is straightforward, thanks to the easy-mount design and ‘open canvas’ graphic capabilities of the aluminum substrate.

In the example below, from a U.S. state capital, the city used some of the containers to showcase designs from the local artist community. The top picture shows a close-up view of the artwork, while the bottom picture shows how the artwork-adorned containers help the overall waste station to integrate into the beautiful downtown core.

Wrapping up

So there you have it!

Thanks to a range of customization options, you can make sure your Molok® containers stand out, blend in, or share your message — all while being cleaner, safer, and more cost effective than alternative waste management solutions.