Cleanliness That Can’t Be Beat

Why Molok® containers are cleaner than alternative approaches to waste management — and why that matters

When you think about it, there’s a very strong connection between cleanliness and managing waste.

At a macro level, the whole point of waste management is to keep the vast majority of spaces clean (and safe) by first storing waste temporarily, and then later transporting it to be processed, destroyed, or permanently contained.

But there’s also a tight linkage between cleanliness and managing waste at the micro level: in short, the cleaner a waste station is, the better it can contribute to your waste management goals.

Unfortunately, traditional waste containers — like dumpsters, carts, and surface bins — quickly become dirty themselves and can also negatively impact their surroundings. All of these solutions are prone to overflowing, they often attract pests (and do little to keep them out), and carts and bins can easily get knocked over.

But Molok® containers are different, and that difference matters.

Keeping it clean

The Molok® Deep Collection™ system includes a number of features that keep the containers and their surrounding environment as clean as possible.

First, waste is never emptied through the user lid, which keeps the user lid and other visible surfaces of the container nice and clean.

Second, the user lids on the M-5000, M-3000, M-1300, and M-Organics models are all self-closing, which stops debris from escaping once waste has been dropped inside. The M-CityScape has user openings that stay open, but waste drops into the container’s well and has no means of getting out unassisted.

Third, the lids and frames of Molok® containers are easy to clean: all it takes is a soft cloth, warm water, and mild detergent — so if something ever does get onto the lid or framing, wiping it off isn’t a problem.

Fourth, Molok® containers generally have much higher capacity than other solutions that would be used for the same application (e.g., a single M-5000 can replace nearly 14 96-gallon carts), which means that overflows — a major cause of mess in alternatives — are a thing of the past.

Additionally, our containers are also very effective at controlling odors, which means that they don’t attract the common pests like insects, rodents, and raccoons that can cause messes.

Why does cleanliness matter?

Let’s begin to answer the question posed above by exploring two of the more obvious reasons.

To begin with, keeping things clean helps to lower the costs associated with waste management. Preventing litter from escaping (e.g., from open-air dumpsters, knocked over carts, etc.) means you don’t have to pay (with time or money) to clean up the area around a Molok® waste station. You also save on pest control and cleanup costs, since they aren’t attracted by an all-you-can-eat buffet of easy-to-access waste.

Just as importantly, a clean waste management system that stays clean is a waste management system that you can install where eyesores and ‘nosesores’ wouldn’t be suitable: next to a park bench, beside a patio, adjacent to a schoolyard, and so on.

For example, this Molok® waste station is located at the front entrance of a large residential complex — something that wouldn’t be a popular decision if it created or contributed to a mess.

But the benefits of cleanliness go considerably further, for the major reason that the cleaner a waste station, the more likely users are to dispose of waste appropriately. Increasing diversion rates to extend landfill lifetimes, and improving sorting to avoid contamination penalties, both fundamentally depend upon users taking the time not just to put waste into a container, but to put waste into the correct container — and a clean waste station is much more conducive to this behavior. For example, the Molok® installation in the picture below makes it very easy for students and faculty to separate their waste (left), organics (middle), and recycling (right).

While cleanliness may not be top of mind when you’re thinking about managing waste, it really does matter — and the cleanliness of a Molok® waste station just can’t be beat.