Built to Last

How seamless, leak-proof HDPE design and semi-underground installation keep Molok® containers functioning year after year — and why that matters

“They don’t build them like they used to” is a common refrain, and not without good reason.

Sometimes, manufacturers swap in cheaper components to increase profit margins.

Other times, the culprit is planned obsolescence , in which products are designed to quickly break or become obsolete (ahem, consumer electronics).

And sometimes the problem is that the materials and manufacturing methods have weaknesses that simply don’t stand up to the test of time.

The next time you see an old dumpster, take a look at the bottom corners. There’s a good chance you’ll spot rust (from the oxidation of the metal), cracks along the seams (where rust has caused the welded joints to expand and split), and maybe even holes and leaks.

However, you’ll never see those problems with a Molok® Deep Collection™ container. Just as a certain pink bunny keeps going and going, Molok® containers keep lasting and lasting. In fact, 99% of units sold by Molok® North America are still in service today.

There are a few reasons for this unmatched durability…

Materials and manufacturing (and love)

First, the main well of each Molok® container is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is known for its high strength-to-density ratio . In other words, the main well is tough stuff. Importantly, so are the other components, which include aluminum and stainless steel.

Second, the wells are rotationally molded to ensure a seamless, leak-proof, one-piece construction — so there aren’t any weak points or joins that might split.

Third, we manufacture our own containers in a custom-built facility at our headquarters in Mount Forest, Ontario. That means we have complete control over the manufacturing process, including quality assurance. It also means that our containers don’t spend weeks or months at sea being shipped from some offshore manufacturer.

We just care too much about our containers to entrust anyone else to build them.

OK, so from their moment of ‘birth,’ Molok® containers are built to last, which gives them a leg up on other waste containers — but there’s more to the story.

Safe, sound, and semi-underground

The Molok® containers’ semi-underground installation and crane-lifted collection also helps to extend their lifetime.

It turns out that the earth is pretty good at keeping things safe (that’s why bomb-shelters are underground and squirrels bury nuts). Not only does being hidden below the surface protect the main well from damage due to vehicles and vandalism, but the subsurface location also keeps temperatures much more consistent than they are above ground — so Molok® containers aren’t subjected to the enormous seasonal (and even daily, in some locations) swings that cause damage through cycles of thermal expansion and contraction.

Have you ever watched a forklifted dumpster get emptied? All that rattling takes a serious toll over time. By contrast, the crane-lifted collection of a Molok® container is an almost balletic process: the lifting liner is slowly hoisted straight up by a crane and swung over the hopper; next, the bag is emptied and retied; to finish things off, the bag is moved back over the well and slowly lowered into its home — where it stays, safe and sound. Notably, at no time is the container itself nor any component subjected to violent forces.

But wait, there’s more!

Durable high-quality components, in-house manufacturing, and the earth’s protective embrace still aren’t the whole story: Molok® containers also stand up to wildlife, and extensive testing has validated their fire and explosion resistance.

Savings keep on accruing, year after year

Durability is a nice quality, but why does it matter? Like many things, it comes down to money.

Retrofits that introduce Molok® containers generally deliver ROI within 24 to 36 months, primarily through lower operating costs; Molok® containers incorporated into new builds effectively pay for themselves immediately by enabling better use of valuable real estate and by avoiding capital expenses required by legacy approaches.

While dumpsters corrode and carts break, Molok® containers just keep on functioning exactly as intended, with significant operational savings adding up year after year — and even decade after decade. Other than as-needed wipe-downs with water and mild detergent (to keep things looking spick and span), and a recommended occasional deep clean, a Molok® installation is very much a “set it and forget it” thing.

In fact, probably the only ‘downsides’ of such durability is that older units won’t have the latest tech or could benefit from a makeover (can’t we all?).

Fortunately, many Molok® components and accessories can be upgraded on site, providing a convenient and cost-effective way to update the look and functionality of your Deep Collection™ containers.

From a framing swap to the addition of a smart accessory like our TACtile Touchless Access Control system, our experts are here to help you take advantage of the latest and greatest product advancements.